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The Landing – Okahu Bay

Re-consultation on the hardstand at Okahu Bay - The Landing

Ministry for Primary Industry information is clear that antifouling coatings and clean hulls are our best weapon against the transmission of marine pests through the movement of moored boats. This information clearly points to the need for sufficient and suitable haul out and hardstand facilities and antifouling services to be located in close proximity to moored boats.

Most boat owners will be aware of the marine biosecurity rules and regulations mandated by Auckland Council but many boat owners may not yet be aware of two factors that will, in all likelihood at least double the demand for haul out and hardstand facilities for hull cleaning and antifouling. 

  • Firstly - Auckland Council hull inspection surveys show that 47% of moored boats are non-compliant with the level of fouling requirement, LOF2.  Auckland Council has openly stated it has not yet issued any enforcement notices.  What will happen when it does?

  • Secondly - four regional councils including Auckland commissioned a report in 2022 that had the specific purpose of gathering data on the availability and accessibility of antifouling facilities. The 4 regional Council’s anticipate that annual antifouling will be required to achieve level of fouling standards compared to the current average of antifouling once every 2 years. 

AYBA acknowledges that notwithstanding some recent closures there have been some new hardstand developments and some expansion of existing facilities. In addition, off season application of antifouling and new technology will increase antifouling throughout at haul out and hardstands.

However; the practical inference of the 2022 report is that those changes need to be able to deliver 3 times the current level of antifouling activity - now – not sometime in the future.

AYBA together with Auckland Marina Users Association (AMUA), the Multi Hull Association and other interested parties believe there are good reasons to doubt there is sufficient capacity to meet the expected increase in demand.

Those reasons include:-

  • A report prepared for Akarana Marine Sports Charitable Trust in 2017 was intended to provide information to Auckland Council and Orakei Local Board and concluded that the region had only 30% spare hardstand capacity at a time when boats were antifouled once every 2 years and before the closure of Pier 21 and The Landing.

  • The 2022 report prepared by Ecometric Consulting for Northland, Auckland, Waikato and Bay of Plenty regional councils concluded that the region only had 33% of the capacity needed to antifoul the Auckland fleet on an annual basis. 

Of particular concern is the situation in the Central Waitemata area where more than 4,000 boats are moored at Westhaven, Bayswater, Orakei and Outboard Boating Club marinas and the nearby bays.  Previously served by Pier 21, the floating dock, Orams, and The Landing; now only Orams and the floating dock remain. 

Orams recent expansion was primarily targeted at serving the large luxury yacht market and the main business of the floating dock is lift hold and wash with antifouling only possible overnight or at weekends.

It was for these reasons that AYBA contested the decision of the Orakei Local Board to pursue a concept plan that will see the closure of The Landing.

The Landing haul out and hardstand is ideally suited to serve boats in the central Waitemata and is also a facility that enables self-performing maintenance by boat owners. It is also unique in the area because it is suitable for large multi hull vessels that cannot be lifted by travel lifts due to their wide beam.

At the conclusion of that legal action the Orakei Local Board agreed to include further consultation on the exclusion of the haul out and hardstand facility in future plans for The Landing. You can see that vision at and it does not include a hardstand but instead uses that space for dinghy storage.

If you think the hardstand should remain at The Landing then please click on the link and especially answer the question on the second page of the feedback form: Do you support retention of a short stay haul out and hardstand facility for boat cleaning and/or anti-foul application? Strongly Support

Every submission calling for retention of haul out and hardstand facilities at The Landing will help raise Council’s awareness of deeply held concerns and possibly reverse plans to close the facility.

At the very least Council and the Orakei Local Board should be asked to demonstrate, with fact based information and analysis, that there is and will be into the future, sufficient capacity in suitable locations to enable boat owners to comply with the objectives of biosecurity policy and Council rules and regulations.

At the heart of AYBA’s concerns are not only the recent haul out and hardstand closures, but also the increasing land pressures around the coastline and the lack of protection for the remaining haul out and hardstand facilities under the Auckland Unitary Plan.

The time to address these issues is now because once lost it is highly unlikely the loss of suitable locations and facilities will ever be reversed.