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Summer 2023 Caulerpa Rules

If you plan to visit Aotea Great Barrier Island, Ahuahu Great Mercury Island or Waiheke Island in your boat, you need to be aware of restrictions in place to help stop the spread of the invasive seaweed exotic caulerpa. See images below for more.


  • If you need to anchor on the western side of Aotea, use the anchoring zone, which is the yellow-marked area of Port Fitzroy. This is a permit-free anchoring area.

  • Before moving on, check your anchor, anchor chain and other equipment for any attached seaweed.

  • If you find seaweed on your gear, remove it and bag or contain it securely.

  • Dispose of it ashore – in household rubbish or compost, or in rubbish bins away from the sea.

  • Report any sightings of suspected exotic caulerpa from areas outside of the Aotea and Ahuahu Controlled Areas

But remember:

❌ Don’t anchor in Controlled Area Notice (CAN) zones where it is prohibited

❌Avoid fishing using any method that disturbs the seafloor – e.g. flounder netting, dredging, trawling, in any CAN zones

❌In all places, it is illegal to move exotic caulerpa, even if you don't know it's there. Check carefully before you move from place to place.

❌ There is also a rāhui in place at Waiheke Island. Please avoid this area. Don't fall foul of the rules. Make sure you are well-informed before you go and check for updates regularly at