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Auckland Yacht & Boating Association - A Century of Actions

The Auckland Provincial Yacht & Motor Boat Association was founded in 1919, serving as an alliance for both town and country Yacht Clubs at the time. The town clubs encompassed locations from Taiotea at Browns Bay in the north to Otahuhu in the south, while the country clubs extended from Awanui Cruising Club in the far north to Mercury Bay and Rotorua in the south.

Until the formation of the NZ Yachting Federation (NZYF) in 1954, the Auckland Yacht & Boating Association managed various aspects such as the program, Racing Rules, Class Rules, and Yacht Registration for the greater Auckland Region. It collaborated with Bay of Plenty, Canterbury, Otago, Southland, and Wellington Yacht and Motor Boat Associations, which maintained their own boat registers and region-specific rules. Detailed information about these regions and their member clubs was recorded in the Auckland Provincial Yacht & Motor Boat Association Handbook of 1954.
The 1954 Handbook included the IYRU Racing Rules, spanning 21 pages, as well as 4 pages covering local Racing Rules, crew numbers and weights for current classes, and Rules and trophy lists for national contests.

While the NZYF, now known as Yachting NZ, assumed most of these responsibilities, the Auckland Yacht & Boating Association continues to manage the regional sailing program and coordinate major class regattas.

Due to the growing population and increasing demands on coastal waters, the Auckland Yacht & Boating Association has also taken on the role of enforcing rules and overseeing proposed developments that affect the marine environment. They have submitted on matters such as holding tanks, life Jackets, harbour by-laws, anchoring zones, and have attended relevant hearings. Additionally, they actively monitor fish farming to ensure unobstructed access across the water and proper functioning of required lighting. Recently, they have highlighted concerns about bottom trawling and its impact on bio-security.

The association has made submissions on various topics, such as the unitary plan, the location of exclusive moorings, the Wynyard Precinct, the Westhaven Precinct, and the Dolphin Mooring. They have spent over $200,000.00 arguing these cases. In collaboration with the Northland Regional Council and Yachting New Zealand, they also contributed $15,000 to oppose extensive fish farming in the Bay of Islands, resulting in most areas of the Bay remaining accessible for visitors.

The Auckland Yacht & Boating Association is responsible for coordinating sailing and aquatic sports programs in the Auckland Region. They maintain a live calendar on their website (, regularly updating it with upcoming events for the next season. The association organises and subsidises club training in first aid, race management, patrol and rescue boat handling, and operates two VHF radio channels (4 & 68) for marine users. Visit their website for information on upcoming programs or contact them directly to arrange a course.

In 2017, they submitted a future proofing document to Sports Aktiv and the Auckland Council in response to Sports Aktiv's report on sport in Auckland. The report failed to acknowledge any aquatic sports other than "Yachts on the Gulf" and "Rowing on the Tamaki Estuary." In 2019, the association supported the AMUA plan, aiming to create a strategic plan for all marina assets. Unfortunately, Auckland Council declined this plan due to budgetary constraints.

As a result of recent Council decisions, ensuring foreshore access to the marine environment for everyone has become a priority for the Auckland Yacht & Boating Association.

Protecting the foreshore, coast, and Hauraki Gulf for the sport and recreation of half the population of Auckland is an ongoing battle.