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March 2023 Update


We trust you had an enjoyable break even when wet and windy. Clubs are back in gear with their racing programmes – this weekend there is the Mahurangi Regatta and the Auckland Anniversary Regatta but the weather today is awful! Especially for the Classics hoping to go north for the weekend! Take Care!

Back in Auckland there was the usual posting of Public Notices prior to Christmas and some of us have been working to lodge submissions before the deadlines – January 30 and February 5.


At Okahu Bay discussions are still ongoing with the Auckland Council involving the Auckland Yachting and Boating Association Inc. AYBA are concerned about the loss of Haul-out facilities and the failure of boat owners to be able to comply with the Bio-security Laws. The LANDING is the only facility in Auckland that can take the large multihulls. It is an essential regional facility! The AYBA is workshopping with the Orakei Local Board re the closure of this hardstand.

The AYBA is presenting on February 2nd at the Auckland Council Planning Environment and Parks committee on the importance of the regional assets required for boat maintenance and biosecurity in the Hauraki Gulf and to ask for the Committee’s assistance in getting these assets declared regional assets to assist with their preservation in the face of the imminent closure by Local Boards. We will speak to the Committee specifically on the Hardstand at the Landing in Okahu Bay, the Hardstand at Little Shoal Bay and development at Bayswater. We will ask the Committee to consider developing a wider policy towards those shore-line assets required for people to access the Waitemata and Hauraki Gulf and to treat theses assets as valuable and necessary regional/national assets.

AYBA also hopes to present to the next Hauraki Gulf Forum.


Re the Hearing Commissions decision that the Bayswater Marine Precinct has been approved as a Residential Hub the Auckland Yachting and Boating Association Inc. has lodged an appeal with the  Environment Court. Our focus is on the loss of access and facilities for all users of the aquatic environment and the need to ensure compliance with the Auckland Bio-security Laws while ensuring an efficient Ferry terminal. Our initial costs for the lodging of this appeal have been funded by a very generous supporter but there will be legal costs as we progress both cases. For this we will be seeking funding.

C.    LITTLE SHOAL BAY HARDSTAND: We will be discussing this matter with Council shortly! 

All these areas are Regional Assets vital for the Future Proofing of boating on Auckland Harbour & the protection of our Marine Environment & for which we are seeking such recognition.


The proposed NATURAL & BUILT ENVIRONMENT Bill – NBE - for which submissions close on February 5th, will be of concern to a number of clubs. This Bill will affect those areas already “earmarked” as endangered by rising sea levels! The NBE Bill empowers NBE plans to make rules that will affect existing rights and land use consents when there is harm to the natural environment or risks associated with natural hazards, climate change. Consent authorities will be able to cancel land use consents!!

COMING UP: The AYBA are planning Club visits & the schedule for this season’s delegate meetings when we will again have guest speakers & we are about to upgrade our website with all the latest news. To all our members, we are here to support all our Clubs and as we have found with Bayswater, the LANDING and Little Shoal Bay, we are supporting Regional Causes for all who enjoy our Marine Environment.   

Nga Mihi – Kind Regards, from your AYBA Executive.

Bayswater Marine Precinct
Bayswater Marine Precinct