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Caulerpa Newsletter Update

Aotea and Ahuahu Controlled Area Notice extended to 30 November

This short update is to notify that the Controlled Area Notice (CAN) for Aotea Great Barrier Island and Ahuahu Great Mercury Island has had its timeframe extended for a month with the support of mana whenua and  local community representatives. 

The CAN was set to expire on 31 October 2023, but will now remain in place until 11.59pm on 30 November 2023. The conditions of the CAN remain exactly the same.  

Extending the CAN conditions for an extra month will give the exotic caulerpa response team necessary extra time to consider the most appropriate future protections.   

It will enable necessary conversations with affected communities and interest groups to take place on whether a new CAN is required and what that might look like.  

The CAN is in place to help prevent the spread of exotic caulerpa. These non-native seaweed species are able to spread long distances when small pieces become entangled in anchors and anchor chains and fishing and diving gear. They can then be transported from an area of caulerpa infestation (including Aotea and Ahuahu) to a new location.  

Restricting anchoring and fishing activities in these affected areas can help prevent further spread.  

Full information about the CAN and its requirements is at: