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Have your say on The Landing Okahu Bay

Auckland Council are seeking feedback on the Ōrākei Local Board’s vision for The Landing at Ōkahu Bay.

You can see that vision at and it does not include a hardstand but instead uses that space for dinghy storage.

If you think the hardstand should remain at The Landing then please click on the link and especially answer the question on the second page of the feedback form: Do you support retention of a short stay haul out and hardstand facility for boat cleaning and/or anti-foul application? Strongly Support

The timeframe for accepting feedback is now until 24th September so please act now and have your say. The Ōrākei Local Board will close the hardstand unless they hear otherwise from ratepayers.

The hardstand is an Auckland Council owned facility that Council has heavily invested in with state-of-the-art sand filters so that no waste product runs to the sea, dust covers protect boats and the surrounds during painting and sanding and the yard has an impeccable safety record.

The hardstand is needed because of the biosecurity threat from invasive marine species and the shrinking capacity in Auckland to clean boats annually as suggested by Auckland Council’s biosecurity unit.

There are no Auckland Council funds available or allocated for any upgrades at The Landing and the Ōrākei Local Board controls pricing at the hardstand.

More info at AYBA here

Please share and please have your say today.