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Resource Consent decision for Coromandel Marine Farming Zone

Resource Consent Application APP142620
Your resource consent application made by Pare Hauraki Asset Holdings Limited, has been considered in accordance with the provisions of the Resource Management Act 1991.

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The erection, placement, use and maintenance of, and occupation of space by marine farming structures within the Coromandel Marine Farming Zone and associated discharges to water and air (including the discharge of feed and medicinal or therapeutic compounds), and disturbance of and deposition on the seabed for the purpose of marine farming including fin fish.

Independent Commissioners (Paul Cooney (Chair), Dr Ngaire Phillips and Tipene Wilson) have made a decision in respect of this application and notice of the decision and the reasons are as detailed in the report available via Pare Hauraki Kaimoana Hearing Panel Decision_FINAL.pdf.

You may lodge an appeal to The Registrar, Environment Court, PO Box 7147, Wellesley Street, Auckland 1141, within 15 working days of notice of this decision being received.  The procedure for filing appeals is set out in Sections 120 and 121 and Form 7 of the Resource Management Act and Regulations respectively. A copy of this information is available to you on request.

 Should you require any further information with regard to the above, please contact me on 07 859 0920 or email at If responding in writing, please quote application number APP142620.

***Note: AYBA have requested a lighting plan for this area. We will add it to the website once we receive it.***